Marijuana Vape Juice E-Liquid Recipe (Without Alcohol)

How to Make Cannabis Vape Liquid Juice for E-Cigs

diy vape juice liquid weed thc

Step-by-step instructions to produce your own liquid marijuana tincture that can be vaporized in e-cigarettes and vapes. Extract the THC, CBD and the full range of cannabinoids in marijuana and turn them into an eliquid that can be used in a vape mod.

Why make 420 Vape Juice?

cannabis vape weed juice

You may have seen how popular vaporizers and e-cigs are lately. Perhaps you’ve visited a tobacco shop and wondered if you can smoke weed in the liquid vape e pens. Some shop owners will tell you “no, you can’t”. Well they are lying to you. It’s easy to make your own e liquid vape juice cannabis extract that you can put in any vaporizer device that allows refilling of the cartridges.

What is Vape Juice made of?

what is vape juice made of

Vape juice is a form of oral tincture typically made from glycerin or alcohol. The vape juice is usually infused with flavoring, nicotine or in our case marijuana.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is an odorless clear solution made from plant oils such as palm, coconut or soy. Vegetable glycerin is the most natural option for vape liquid production.

Propylene glycol (PG) is a oily solution made from glycerin. Propylene glycol is found in sweeteners, soda pops, desserts and other edibles.

Our instructions use vegetable glycerin as the base for making marijuana e liquid. Look for 100% USP-food grade vegetable glycerin

Make sure to use only the food grade kinds, as you are putting this into your body. Research has shown both VG and PG to be regarded as safe. For more information read – Toxicity of the main electronic cigarette components, propylene glycol, glycerin, and nicotine..

How Potent is the Marijuana E Liquid?

weed vape juice thc potent

The potency of the e liquid depends on how much cannabis was used, the genetics of the strain, the cannabinoid content of the cannabis, and extraction methods.

We suggest beginners start with our base guidelines and move up from there if more potency is desired. We will use an eighth of good sensimilla (seedless bud) to make roughly 40ml of medium-strength cannabis-infused vape juice.

Supplies and Ingredients List

  • An Eight of the Dank (1/8th ounce of weed)
  • Vegetable Glycerin – 200ml
  • Measuring Cup – 30-200ml
  • Mesh Filter or Cheese Cloth
  • A Pot or Slow-cooker
  • Syringe (1-2ml)
  • Tincture Bottles
  • A fork
  • Timer that can do 15 and 30 minute intervals

The Best THC eLiquid Recipe Without Using Alcohol (guide, how-to)

instructions diy make weed vape juice liquid

Prepare: decarb the weed first if desired, at least break it up fine and gather all your supplies together in the kitchen.

Step 1: Put the cooking pot on the stove-top with the burner on low and pour the e liquid solution in. Then add in your marijuana so it fits evenly in the pot. You may adjust them to fit with your fork. Leave the heat on low and set the timer for 20 minutes. Let this mixture sit and infuse. You may want to check it every few minutes or more to make sure it’s going well.

Step 2: Every 20 minutes for two hours, check on your mixture and adjust with more liquid or decarbbed marijuana if necessary. That means you check on it 6 times or more to make sure the consistency is not too thick, or is burning, etc. However, adding weed at a later stage may not be as powerful of an extract.

Step 3: After the timer, attend and gently stir the pot. Clean up any oil or weed ingredients which are lingering around, they will not be needed anymore. Stir a little more, being sure to evenly space the weed throughout the oil. The oil should be thinning out, and turning green or dark brown, depending upon the type of marijuana ingredients (it’s still going to work either way if the marijuana used was any good). Set the timer for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Pull the pot off the burner and filter the liquid with a mesh net or cheesecloth into the measuring cup. Use the syringe for putting the liquid into the tincture bottle.

Step 5: Enjoy! Now you can use your new homemade marijuana e liquid vape juice in your favorite e cigarette or vaporizer. Potency may vary, so take it easy when first trying your batch of liquid. Remember to keep your vape juice in a cool, dark location away from high heat and direct sunlight, as this may degrade the infused THC.

Beginner’s Guide to Vaping Medical Cannabis

Are you a beginner in vaping? It is very necessary to follow clear and right instructions while doing vaping. Wrong methods can harm you. Also, wrong methods can waste your costly strains. Vaping medical cannabis may seem quite easier to a lot of people who never even tried, however, the truth is – it is not that easy. A beginner can push themselves into deep trouble or do not enjoy till extent if tried to vape in absence of proper information. So, For the proper enjoyment, right way is very necessary.

Welcome to all beginners who are new to medical cannabis. We go step by step including what is cannabis and its effects?

What is Medical Cannabis?

Vaporizer with Cannabis Buds

Medical cannabis is a natural extract that can be collected from the plant named cannabis.  It is also called marijuana. It is mostly recommended to the patients to treat various health conditions such as chronic pains, nausea, Muscle spasms, AIDS, arthritis, anorexia, cachexia, glaucoma, chronic pain, cancer, migraines, muscle spasms, including multiple sclerosis and seizures related to epilepsy. It has been used for centuries in the medical field to give relief to the patients suffering from some illness. In some countries, medical cannabis is banned but on seeing the benefits of using this plant, use of medical cannabis is legal now in various countries. Recreational cannabis is still banned in some states and countries.

The two main cannabinoids present in the medical cannabis are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC is more psychoactive elements than the CBD. Both THC and CBD have different benefits and medicinal uses.

Here we will mention some common health benefits of taking medical cannabis:

  • It helps in the spinal cord injuries and diseases like Multiple sclerosis, syringomyelia and spinal stenosis
  • It is helpful on OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) which elevates anxiety to moderate level.
  • It can be worked as Viagra for men related diseases like erectile dysfunction.
  • It can moderate blood pressure and calm panic attacks.
  • It is helpful to calm asthma attacks.
  • It helps to treat Glaucoma
  • Patients of cancer and under medications like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are advised to take cannabis medically.
  • Patients of diabetes are also strongly recommended to use cannabis

Important note- medical cannabis can not treat the diseases from the root but it can relieve symptoms. It can make your living better and can give you a high quality of life.

Studies shows that Medical Cannabis can help in maintaining the life of patients suffering from AIDS as well cancer and other chronic diseases. It cannot cure the virus, but it can relax the life of the patients. It can cure aids related symptoms like anorexia, joint pain, weight loss, nausea, anxiety and more. It can improve appetite and take care of patient’s health.

How we can consume medical cannabis?

Vape Guide for Medical Cannabis: How To

Cannabis has a lot of varieties to consume and further there are a lot of ways to consume them. Every method has its own pros and cons. We can discuss some of the common methods to consume cannabis:

Smoking- Smoking can be done while placing some dried cannabis flowers into the pipe. You can smoke from the other end of the pipe after combustion.

Vaping- Vaping is always done through vaporizers. You must insert extract of cannabis plant into it and then Inhale it after pressing the button.

Edibles- Other methods include Edibles, Tinctures or sprays, Cannabis beverages and oils. You can take it directly by mouth. You can also spray it under the tongue with spray bottles. Cannabis content also used to make Sodas, drinks, juices, and teas. Varieties of oils such as THC oil and CBD oil can also be used by the people.

Here we will give a full detail on the vaping method with its advantages and techniques. Vaping loving people can continue this read. They will get a lot from it: Some tips for the beginners are:

  1. The beginner should not ingest the material when trying for the first time. The enlarged potency of the edibles and unpredictability can turn them be to a poor candidate.
  2. The beginners should make sure that the cannabis strain does not include concentrates in it like – BHO, CO2 oil, etc. It is better for beginners to stick with vaping and smoking the flowers only. You can try concentrates and exotic extracts after gaining experience.
  3. The beginner should go for the high-quality and mid-potency cannabis. It is better for a newbie to give preference to strains which are tested in between of 10 to 15 percent. He should not take any risk regarding his health.
  4. The beginner should look out for a comfortable, familiar and relaxing environment to vape perfectly. Hesitation and shame can give negative results of vaping.
  5. The last but most important, it is always better to go for the vaporizer if the person does not like smoking or deals with problems like coughing, etc.

If you have any respiratory issue like coughing, then you should avoid smoking and go for vaping only. To get positive effects of cannabis, vaping is proved to be the best one.

You must know that vaping cannabis at different temperature can have different effects on the body as different cannabinoids are released at different temperatures such as:

  • Low Temperature is for Head Effect.
  • High Temperature is for Stronger Body Effect
  • Vaped buds should be brown, not black
  • You can use the vaped buds as edibles

Important Steps for Vaping Method to consume medical cannabis. How to vape?

Herb Vape Pen with Cannabis Bud: How to Vape

  • STEP 1-Exhale the air out of lungs
  • STEP 2-Get a small inhale and bring smoke in your mouth by using the throat sucking power.
  • STEP 3-Don’t get the smoke to your lungs; hence a small hit is enough
  • STEP 4-Take a small breath of fresh air
  • STEP 5-Hold it for some time and then exhale

Above we have discussed all about medical cannabis, its benefits and how to vape it. We want to tell you that vaping it will be beneficial to you as compared to other methods.

Benefits of vaping Medical Cannabis:

  1. Vaping is safe to your health- People use vaporizers to vape their cannabis strains. Other methods can harm to the body but vaping harm very less. We will not say that it is totally safe, but we can say that it will do only 10 % harm as compared to smoking as in combustion, the exact odor and taste of the strains get diminished. The popular scientist Michael Russell has declared that it the tar in the cigarettes that kills the human not nicotine. Vaping method does not produce killing residues like carcinogens and tar that can cause lung related diseases. It can improve the breathing issues when anybody can switch the smoking to vaping.
  2. You can feel the actual taste and flavor– Taking cannabis is a fun but some users can not take the exact fun of having it with other methods. In smoking method, Due to combustion, the exact odor and taste of the strains get diminished. When we use vaporizers to vape, there is no combustion no harm in taste and odor. The exact and original taste of the cannabis strains can be enjoyed well. You can feel the presence of terpenes when they enter your mouth and lungs. Real taste and real odor can only be enjoyed in slow vaping method.
  3. Users need Discretion– It is fact that cannabis users want discretion. As vaping cannabis has no taste like smoke and no odor, many cannabis users prefer to vape it instead of smoking. Discretion is very much important to the users of the cannabis strains due to the stigma that still around the cannabis plant.
  4. Savings in case of money as well as in quantity of herbs– As compared to smoking, vaping method results savings of herbs. While doing smoking, the very high temperature kills the terpenes and cannabinoids in the herb and on the other hand, during vaporizing the herbs at low temperature, the quality retains, and you get the more. However, there is some more investment while purchasing vaporizer for vaping but for long term it is beneficial and gives substantial savings. Its one-time investment worth a lot.
  5. Vaping is easy– One more important benefit of vaping method is that vaping cannabis through vaporizer is an easy task. A beginner can easily grab it with reading the instructions carefully. However, it is easy but always be careful. You can take your vaporizer with you even on travelling and draw the hit anywhere anytime. You just need to fill the chamber with the extract and then you can start to draw the hits in no time.
  6. Vaping takes care of neighbor’s health– In smoking, huge amount of gases and tars are released through combustion. These gases and tars are not only harm us but also harmful to the people nearby you. While travelling passengers and in-home other family members can also be victim of having combustible material (harmful smoke), it can harm their health. So, don’t be so selfish. Take care of other’s health also. Use vaporizer in place of pipe. With vaping, there will be no smoking and releasing of harmful gases that can affect others.
  7.  Vaporizers can be customized- An advanced technology in making vaporizers sets temperature and other settings according to user’s choice to produce desired amount of flavor and vapor. Anywhere, any time it can used and customized.
  8. Portability-  Vaporizers come in various sizes. Many small pen sized vaporizers can be taken easily when you are going to travel. Anywhere any time, just open your vaporizer and start the button. Its portability feature will make vaping the best and clean method than others.

Health Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

As a beginner, you must take care of the originality and quality of the cannabis. Use tat strains that are less effective and safe to your health. CBD should be preferred as compared to THC. Go for the brand because the branded products are always lab tested Various strains are present in the market to use for the vaping methods. Some of the cannabis strains are hybrid and some of pure. The main strains are Granddaddy, Purple White window, Buba Kush, Sour Diesel, OG-Kush, Jack Herer strain, GSC, Blue dream, AK-47 and Green Crack. Make sure that strain should not be fake one. Beware of fake sellers. Go for the genuine one.


As we have read that use of cannabis medically is not banned.  Many countries have given a green flag to the usage of medical cannabis. It can be used to treat various illness like arthritis, anorexia, cachexia, glaucoma, chronic pain, cancer, migraines etc. Also, in this busy world, many people take cannabis to feel relax.  It is a natural drug that is used for the relax purpose. Limited use of it has not any side-effects.

People take cannabis in many ways like by smoking, vaping or through edibles. But we have forced the vaping method is the best method to consume cannabis as it saves the health of a person. We can enjoy the taste and odor of the cannabis herb without any harm. Just spend some money on the vaporizer to vape and take the benefits of cannabis without any risk. Those who want to quit the smoking can take the benefits of vaping. The Vaping method is very useful in coming out of the habit of smoking. Smokers should leave their habit and start vaping. In this way they can save their health as well as their neighbors’ health.


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